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Something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. And by a lot ¬†of time I mean like on and off the last 6ish months. If you remember my post about getting out of long term relationship from quite a while back… then you might be interested in this one. Although these posts are mostly {WARNING} just diary-esque ramblings of a single 20 something college student. I feel as though they are worth sharing. If you don’t, keep it to yourself. ūüôā Thanks.

I’ve been hurt. Yeah, I said it. Whether it was obvious to the rest of the world or not. It happened, whether the person who is “responsible” did it intentionally or not. Here’s what I learned from that. Don’t be so quick to give in and give up your heart. (So cliche, I know.) The longer its been and the more I think about it I realize how much it really changed my way of thinking… about relationships. Long story long, I fell for someone without really trying. ¬† They in turn didn’t reciprocate the feelings. OUCH. (Raise your hand if you feel the burn.)

ANYWAYS! Ever since then I’ve found myself getting into a series of non-relationships. Where I knew what was going to happen from the very beginning. I would hang out with that person, get them attached to me and then almost simultaneously rip that to absolute shreds. Every. DAMN. Time. I found myself explaining through drunk¬†text message what ended up being a perfect explanation of how I’ve been feeling. The short version? Emotionally unattached and picky as F**K!

I’ve always been one of those people who you just generally can’t tell how they’re feeling… and I like it that way. It’s not something I put a lot of thought into but nonetheless happens. It’s always been easier for me to put things down into writing. Sometimes I like to fancy myself unemotional when in reality I am just un-emotive.

un-emotive (uhn-ih-moh-tiv): adj. lacking in evoking/displaying of emotions. *sweethartland dictionary ūüėČ

And if I could find one word to describe the dating atmosphere for my generation UN-EMOTIVE would be it. Whether it’s an actual word or not. WHY! WHY! Why do we think it’s okay to get involved with someone and lead them on, spend massive amounts of time communicating with them and what-not and ultimately engage in, what is popularly called, a non-relationship. Whats the point? Are we really that starved for attention/intimacy? Don’t get me wrong, I’d be hypocritical to say that I haven’t done this MANY times…as I stated previously.

Now, If you’ve read this far (and God Bless You), you’re probably wondering what my point is? And I can’t honestly say I have one (sorry, I’m not sorry.) Hey, I warned you. Call it food for thought. Or chicken soup for the soul.¬† But I guess my advice being, just because someone hurt you in the past, don’t let it destroy you. I like to think there’s still magic out there, it’s just seeing past the cheesy, poser con artist out there. Also, don’t let yourself become one of those con artists.

That’s ALL folks. Thanks for reading.







Since I’ve been on an unintentional hiatus from blogging I figured I’d start with some random ramblings to ease back into it. My life has been so scrambled lately and I’ve made a lot of changes since my last post. I ended a long term relationship and needed time to cope with that and I don’t think I’m out of the woods even now. Things like that can really be inspiration suckers. I am a writer and always have been and I just lost it for a while but I’m trying to bring it back. If this post seems awkward, its because I feel awkward writing it. I quit my job to focus on school. I’ve reconnected with family and friends. I was sick for the first time in forever and it lasted forever. The time spent away from this blog has been well worth it. But now I can’t wait to start again. Let me start with some New Years resolutions. (Better late then never!)

ONE// Let My Guard Down

I have been told recently by random people I’ve met and also people I’ve known a long time that I don’t show my emotions. I’ve noticed recently that I have this wall built up that, since the end of my relationship, has been put up more often. I want to tear it down. I want to be someone who is comfortable in more situations. I’m very good at faking it lately. I have this idea that I need to be happy and smiling at all times. I can’t let people know what I’m really thinking. The result is people don’t share themselves with me and this creates a vicious cycle. I don’t know when it happened. I think its the result of losing the security of a long term relationship or perhaps changing my major.

TWO//Make Life More Interesting

It’s a commonly known fact that people who do interesting things are more interesting people in general. Not working and not being in a serious relationship left me with a sort of shock of boredom with nothing to fill the time that had previously been filled with lots of bullshit. (excuse my french) It’s been a conscious effort to fill my time with interesting hobbies (if you will.) Yoga, writing (again), shopping, new friends, old friends, drawing, photography. I don’t know why this is so hard. People who have gotten out of serious relationships please tell me this is normal? I want to go on random trips and be spontaneous. Ugh, it seems so cliche but worth stating as a resolution.

THREE//Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

Easy to say, hard to do. It’s a chronic problem with a lot of people I know. Most people like to act like they don’t care what people think and yet here we are making sure our Facebook and Instagram portray us as someone who’s really got there shit together. ¬†Social media makes this 1000x harder than it would be if we weren’t constantly comparing ourselves to peoples perfectly edited and documented lives on the internet. ¬†And don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s an ego boost, don’t lie you know you’ve scrolled through Facebook and enjoyed a moment on your high horse as someone spilled their (poorly spelled) guts all over your newsfeed. But my goal is to step back. Stop checking every ten minutes. It’s a BAD habit. What matters are the relationships with the REAL people around you. Those peoples opinions matter… but even then. It only matter what you think of yourself. If you’re not satisfied…you only have yourself to blame.

FOUR//Stop Judging 

Hey Judge Judy! Take it down a notch hey? This one goes hand in hand with [three]. Part of letting other peoples opinions of you go is letting go of your judgments of others. It’s not healthy to sit there and tear down other people even if it’s just a conversation with yourself. I know your thoughts could be well spent on other things. Essentially, the happier you are with yourself the less you’ll feel the need to break down other peoples lives in an attempt to avoid your own decisions, attitude, etc.


I know, I know so much to read! If you made it this far… I could just hug you. Somehow, you justified that my resolutions were worth reading! And maybe, just maybe you will take something away for your life. That’s the goal! I know these aren’t the generic resolutions but honestly aren’t they the main basis of most peoples “Go to the gym more”, “Read books” resolutions? I think so. Personally, I feel if I work on these things consciously the rest will fall into place. IN conclusion, I’M BAAAAACK!!



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Music Spotlight: Thomas Rhett

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I love country! I went to see Jason Aldean this summer for his Night Train tour and Thomas Rhett opened for him and I fell in LOVE. Check it out.

Monogram Obsessed

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¬†¬†¬†¬† I’ve never been one to label my style or anyone elses. I think if it makes you feel good and it flatters you, WEAR IT!

That being said this past year I have found myself so excited about monograms (traditionally preppy). And by “so excited” I mean OBSESSED! I absolutley love anything with a solid monogram. I love all the styles and ways to make things your own. I mean what better way to make something your own than stamping it witha¬† fancy version of your initials! I love it. So I found myself making my Christams wishlist (yes) this year and adding the item ANYTHING MONOGRAMMED. I think theres jsut¬† something so classy about knowing your little mark is on your stuff without writing on it with a sharpie “MOM style.”

I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite monogrammed products that I am absolutely loving right now!

Monogram Obsessed

Best Online Jewelry Shops

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Now that we’re coming¬† closer to the¬† holiday season they biggest question on a lot of peoples minds is what they are going to be gifting for Christmas! (Or whatever you may be celebrating!) I’ve been shopping around and I’ve decided that one of my favortie gifts to get for the best ladies in my life is jewelry! Now jewelry can be hard to buy for some people so approach with caution but here to help you out is my top favorite jewelry sites online!

J.Crew Factory Outlet// ONLINEFor the broke college student like myself this website is a godsend. I LOVE love love J.Crew but dang I can’t afford a 150 dollar sweater! Their jewelry selection is amazing too! And most days there’s an extra 25% or 35% off!

Factory crystal wings necklace

ILY Couture// ONLINE–¬† I’ve definitley raved about this site before! See my post here! This site has a lot of cute stuff that you find elsewhere very expensive. Definitley worth a check! Also they have a section for monograms which makes jewelry even better and more thoughtful. Who doesn’t like a monogram?

BaubleBar//ONLINE- SO cute and SO affordable! This site is just overall cute and has alot of unique pieces. Definitley check out some of their deals. They also have an adorable monogram shop! (I’m sensing a trend, do¬†we need to talk about how much I LOVE mongrams.)


C.Wonder//ONLINEThis site is more than just jewelry; it’s perfect for finding gorgeous affordable gifts even for the hard to buy for. AND they have a monogram shop what else could you ask for. One stop shop if you ask me.



KENDRA SCOTT//ONLINELAST but not LEAST! Kendra Scott! What better to put a little pop of color to any outfit witha  pair of classic Kendra Scott earrings! I amd LOVING these classic Emerald green ones for this season. A little more on the pricy side but so worth it!

Happy Shopping!


Top Five Favorite Perfumes

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Top five favorite perfumes
Over the years I’ve had many perfumes some low end and some high end. I’ve alway been on the search to perfect my collection because I believe that a women can have¬† an arsenal of signature scents…. one for winter and one for summer. One for day and one for night.¬† One for every mood you may find yourself in. So today I thought I would share my five favorites that I’ve stuck to for a good while now.
I’m going to start with my longest worn ad continue from there.
Giorgio Armani- Acqua Di Gioia: This is probably my oldest friend of the perfume world. I started wearing it at the end of highschool and into my first years of college and when I put it on it just reminds me of being young. I’ve stuck with this scent for so long because I think it has the most unique mix of smells.¬† I’m onto my second bottle of this and its more than half gone. If I could choose one of these and only one to consider my “signature scent” this would be it. I’m no perfumer but theres just something special about this perfume. It’s so fresh but also feminine….speaking of feminine I also LOVE the male version of this scent and always consider buying it when I see it.
P.S. that could be  a whole other post but I just think theres something so sexy and improvised about spritzing a cologne on yourself it totally changes the scent! I promise try it and you will not be dissapointed.
Marc Jacobs-Daisy Eau So Fresh: I am a HUGE Marc Jacobs fan. Especially his perfumes. Remember his block bottle perfumes. I LOVED those such¬†a classic design and so many choices. I haven’t been able to find then anywhere but I still have a Marc Jacobs Basil somewhere in my house. The only thing I can find that seems to remind me of them are L’Occitane En Provence. Anyways when I finally got my hands on a full sized bottle of Daisy ESF I had been hoarding samples sizes for about a year and realized it was probably worth the investment to buy a full sized.¬†This perfume is my go-to for day. It’s not to heavy but it’s definitley one that you’ll catch a wiff of throughout the day and it will make you smile! Bonus points for the ADORABLE bottle.
Christian Dior-J’adore Dior: TO be perfectly honest with you I think the entire appeal at first of this one was because of that FAB commercial with Charlize Theron. The bottle itself is insanely sexy but I found myself sniffing and rubbing the scent page in a magazine for this perfume last Chistmas and immediatley added it to my wishlist. Which somehow my boyfriends mom heard about and she ended up getting it for me.¬† So in turn this has officially become my holiday scent. It makes me feel really sophisticated¬†instantaneously.¬† It’s like one of those really classic old perfumes but lightened up a¬† bit with added femininity. This is what I imagine Coco Chanel smelling like even though its not a Chanel perfume.
CHANEL- CHANCE Eau Tendre: This is my newest addition and one of the perfumes that I have wanted FOREVER.¬† To me it smells like a mix between Daisy ESF & J’adore which is like THE PERFECT perfume in my mind. It’s something I can wear during the day but also make it sexy at night with an extra spritz. I wanted to make this my top favorite but I just haven’t had it as long and I’m still devoping a relationship with it. At this point I also realize I am devoping a pattern of scents with floral fresh notes. Hey- at least I know what I like.
You should see the amount of abandoned perfume bottles it took to discover this.
Marc Jacobs- Oh! Lola: I chose to put this one last because I still havent bought a full sized bottle of this yet. I have a little mini sized one that I tend to bring with me when I travel. I really can’t even remeber how I got this one either.¬† But I love the bottle and the scent is really sweet and girly and fun and that’s how I feel when I wear it. I wouldn’t be suprised if this was my next full size purchase.
BONUS BOTTLE: Since I realize in the picture I am about to post there is a bottle that I didn’t mention I thought I would mention it now.¬†Mermaid Perfume No.1 is¬† something I discovered over the summer here.
It smells like orange blossoms and seriously makes you feel like a summer goddess but the only thing I have to say is that I feel like the smell isn’t very long lasting but maybe its just because I’m used to stronger smells.

Holiday Must-Haves

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Holiday Must-Haves
I put together a (condensed) wishlist/must haves for the holiday season. A mix of some classic pieces and some updated pieces to build a warm holiday wardrobe. I love planning outfits for holiday parties it’s one of the best things about the winter months. Enjoy!

Madewell party dress

Oasis mini skirt

Kate Spade pearl earrings

Giorgio Armani lipstick

Nail polish

Review: Warby Parker

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Let me start this post by telling you that I have terrible eye sight. And by terrible i mean im basically blind without corrective lenses or glasses. I started to notice that I couldn’t wear my glasses when watching tv or driving ar doing basically anything that needs refined vision. So I thought it was time to update my pair. One eye appointment later I was searching around to find a really cute new pair of glasses that would last me a while and I came upon Warby Parker ¬†eyewear! (Doesn’t their name make you wanna say it in a british accent?!)


I was browsing around on their website and coveting some adorable frames when I saw you could order five frames to be delivered to your house to try on for FIVE days completely free! I immediately started to fill my cart with cute style using their Virtual Try-On feature on their website (GENIUS!) and emerged with five of my favorites including one pair that was kinda out there for my taste but I just had to try them.

About 3 business days later my box arrived in the CLASSIEST packaging.


I meant to snap a pic of me in each pair but those five days went pretty fast and I had a descision to make.






I finally landed on these.  They are the Wiloughby Womens Optical in Revolver Black.



And here’s the best part! They’re only $95 bucks!¬†Some of the cutest and cheapest pairs of glasses that I have ever come accross not to mention thats the price of everything including getting prescription set.

Definitley a must check out for those glasses wearers out there.¬† Can’t wait to post a few pics once I get my pair back!

P.S. They also carry sunglasses!





Coffee Shop Study Sesh

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Coffee Shop Study Sesh

Gimme Some Lovin’

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If you don’t already have an account, I encourage you to skip on over to Bloglovin.com. If your an avid blog reader like me it’s the easiest way to get all your favorite blogs on one amazing site. And for all my bloggers out there it makes it super easy for people to follow you!

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